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Economical Cold Mix Asphalt Options

APM has  the  expertise  to create  high quality  cold  mix  for city  or county  crews  to  use,  or  let  our  experienced  laydown  crew  do  the  finish  work  for  you.    Don't  have  the  budget  t o repave  with  hot  mix?   Consider our proven  alternatives.  

Preserve Your Existing Streets with RePlay

Exclusive BioSpan product  RePlay extends  the  life  of  your  pavement,  by  penetrating  deeper,  providing  10x  more  water  resistance,  and  improving  skid  resistance  by  16%.  As  a  soy-based  product  there  is  little  to  no toxicity,  no  resdual  runoff,  produces  a  negative  carbon  footprint,  and goes  on  clear  without  the need  to  restripe. Downtime  averages 30  minutes  to  minimize  traffic  impact.    Learn  more  at  www.biospantech.com/products/replay     

Benton KS testimonial

City  of  Benton,KS  stretches  street budget with  annual  cold  mix  asphalt  plan.

Patented Eco-Friendly Technology

Revolutionary  product  preserves  pavement  without  harming  the  environment

Concrete and Asphalt recycling

From broken asphalt to new streets


Recycle  old  asphalt  through  crushing,  screening,  and  pugging  to  create  economical  new  cold  mix  asphalt.   APM can help  you  find  practical  pavement  solutions from  smaller  city street budgets  to  high  volume  county  needs.

Custom crushing


Decades of experience in materials  processing,  from  Kansas counties to  Texas oilfields

Cold mix asphalt streets in Benton, KS


You  pave  or  we  pave.   We're  your  cold  mix  connection.

Turning Recycled Asphalt into Cold Mix

Concrete and Asphalt Crushing

Recycle tons of broken concrete or asphalt into economical, usable crushed base or surface material.  Crushed concrete is suitable to be used as fill material or base stabilization, and crushed asphalt can be used to create durable, low  traffic  driving and parking surfaces.  Let APM handle all your material processing needs.