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Pavement Expertise

With over 30 years in the industry, APM professionals provide pavement design, maintenance, and construction to the residential, commercial, and industrial markets in KS and neighboring states.

We Care About the Details

From a detailed proposal to the finished surface, we ensure your pavement is constructed and maintained with precision and efficiency.    

Communication is Key

Be  confident  in  knowing  that  owner/operators  are involved in every step of the process, from bid to material selection to job execution.

Our services


Parking Lot Construction and Maintenance

We can assess your current site drainage, provide expert  base  preparation,  and construct new asphalt pavement.  We will advise you on the best preservation options for your existing pavement. 

Asphalt Crack Sealing and Sealcoating

APM  professionals  provide  thorough  surface  and crack  preparation  to  ensure  proper  bonding  of protective materials.  We use only industry leading material suppliers  and utilize proven application  techniques.

Asphalt Excavation and Patching

Potholes and  pavement  failures?  Let APM  mill,  excavate,  and  replace  those  trouble  spots  with fresh  asphalt  for  a  safe,  smooth  surface.


We  can make your  property  shine with new  striping  and traffic  control/  safety  symbols.   We  use  only  high quality  paint  and  stencils  for  a  professional  look.

Concrete/ Asphalt Recycling and Cold Mix

APM  can  turn  old  streets  into  new,  by  crushing  and pugging  recycled  asphalt  (RAP)  to  create  cold mix  asphalt.    This  econonical  option allows  cities and municipalities to maximize  street  budgets.  

Regional Authorized Distributor of BioSpan Products

Biospan  products  uilize 88%  green  products  to  seal  and  extend  the  life  of concrete  and  asphalt  surfaces.  Click  on the  Replay  video  below  to  learn  more.  

How RePlay works


BioSpan asphalt and concrete products

Preserve your pavement and the environment

As the region's exclusive distributor / applicator for Biospan products, APM offers green options to extend the life of your asphalt and concrete.  These products are proven to withstand environmental extremes from Minnesota to Texas, and offer 88% bio-based products as a petroleum alternative.  

Both RePlay for asphalt and Opti-Seal for concrete feature a clear application, so there is no need to restripe.  Both have a speedy 30 minute dry time, so traffic can re-enter the treated area with minimal downtime.  Forget messy cleanup with chip seal or hazardous waste issues with reclamite-- BioSpan processes are environmentally friendly.

To learn more  about how  RePlay  and  Opti-Seal  can preserve your  pavement, go to https://biospantech.com. 

Opti-Seal application for Chick Fil-A

Opti-Seal application for Chick Fil-A 

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